Creating snap node from intersections in Inkscape

I created a straight line using the freehand line tool, and then from the end of the line, using the snap-to-node feature, I created a circle using the ellipsis tool. This means the center of the circle is exactly the end of the line.

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I now want to create a node at the intersection of the line and the circle, so that I can start drawing more lines starting exactly from that intersection point.

Is it possible to dynamically create a node through intersected lines? This doesn’t need to be specific to circles and lines. I’m also wondering if I have two intersecting lines drawn by the freehand line tool, how can I break them apart so that each intersection point becomes a node?


  1. In the Snap Controls bar, enable the following snapping options:

    • Enable Snapping
    • Snap Nodes, Paths and Handles
    • Snap to Path Intersections
    • Snap Cusp Nodes, inc. Rectangle Corners
    • Snap Other Points
    • Snap an Items Rotation Center
  2. Draw the circle, and the line.

  3. Move the line over the circle until the Cusp Node for the centre shows, and drop it there.

  4. Select the line with the Nodes tool.

  5. Mouse over the intersection of the line and circle until the “Handle to path” indicator shows

  6. Double click it to add a node.

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  1. To break apart a path at a node, select the node with the Nodes tool, and hit the Break Path at Selected Nodes icon in the toolbar along the top.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : CookieEater , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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