Creating Voronoi diagram from Adobe Illustrator CC

I have some artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC that I want to use to create a voronoi diagram from.

You can see what a voronoi diagram looks like here:
enter image description here


I would like to use the points on my paths to seed the diagram. I have found a tool that uses an old Illustrator extension called Scriptographer, unfortunately Scriptographer stopped being supported past version CS5.

I am okay with using other applications in the workflow as long as they are free or of insignificant cost (<= £15), however I must be able to export from Illustrator and not have to rebuild my artwork in them.

Does anyone know the best method for going about this? My only other option is to write my own Illustrator extension but I would rather not as I have no experience doing so and will be a significant time investment.


I’ve found this script Didn’t test it, but it definitely looks promising :}

Source : Link , Question Author : George , Answer Author : Matthew Sundberg

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