Crediting a typeface in a finished work

Hey does anyone know how you are supposed to credit (if you are supposed to) the typefaces you have used in a printed work (case in point – design exhibition catalogue for my BA)

I’ve been using elephant italics and a few free fonts 🙂


Historically/traditionally it’s called the colophon:

From the article:


With the development of the private press movement from around 1890, colophons became conventional in private press books, and often included a good deal of additional information on the book, including statements of limitation, data on paper, ink, type and binding, and other technical details. Some such books include a separate ‘Note about the type’, which will identify the names of the primary typefaces used, provide a brief description of the type’s history and a brief statement about its most identifiable physical characteristics.

Some commercial publishers took up the use of colophons, and began to include similar details in their books, either at the end of the text (the traditional position) or on the verso of the title-leaf. […]

Personally, I think it’s a nice thing to do.

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