Critique: Any advice on the design of my systems engineering résumé?

So I’m creating a résumé for Engineering/Design/Computer Science internships, so I guess I am allowed to be a bit creative and less conservative here. I was working on this all day today, so it I am just going for a general look/feel for now. None of the little details like icon size and placement and text alignment have been looked at, and the content is still a work in progress. With my actual name being used, it lines up nicely with the 2B Systems Design Engineering subheading. I just wanted some feedback on the general look and feel of the résumé. For reference, I’m making this in Adobe Illustrator.

Also right now I’m using Myriad Pro as a placeholder font, so what other fonts would you recommend using instead? I’ve used Helvetica Neue many times before so I want something a little different and Avenir Next is a little too wide to fit in my content nicely.

EDIT: I fixed the contact info alignment as suggested here. I will wait until I finish all the content before adjusting font size/line alignment.

EDIT2: I should also probably note that I have more experience to add, I just haven’t been able to type the content yet and I don’t want to adjust the line spacing without finish that.

Resume Image


As a general recomendation I would suggest to add a bit more of negative space. You can get this by reducing your font size up to 10 or even 9 pt (don’t be scared, it would be readable enough). At the same time I would reuse some of the space we’ve gained increasing line height; everything will look lighter and cleaner.

You can also reduce a bit your name size without loosing the hierarchy you want to give it. By doing this, on top of a bit more of negative space you can also move your contact information block a bit to the left to align it with your right column in your resume, so your grid is clearer.

For tipefaces I don’t really know, is better up to you, but some of my lifesavers are Futura, Akzidenz, Miller or Din. Helvetica or Gotham are also fine but a bit over used.

As a general tip of advice, think about your negative space (the space in which there is ‘nothing’) as another element to design with.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jay , Answer Author : raulalgo

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