Critique: Does this image looking like active brain?

I want to represent an active brain. So I created an image of brain. In order to show that it is active, I used a bit of animation. I want to highlight right & left brain which suits my requirement. I used colours in order to differentiate

My question is, Does it conveying the meaning what I intended?
If not suggest me how can I improve this one.

enter image description here

I made few changes in this image. As Zack said I made the points to move fast and added few more dots.

enter image description here

I intentionally made few dots to move slow which slowly turns fast. I want to reflect my mind. When I begin to learn something new I usually start slowly and when I get in touch with something I do things fast. So for that reason I would like to reflect that in animation.

How’s it now?

P.S 2
I tried to make it look like loop. Since few lines doesn’t connect with anything I made it somewhat closer. I think it looks more smooth and looping compared with previous one. Is there any thing else to improve? 🙂
enter image description here

Version 4
Increased the width and made few changes in animation style. While designing I kept in mind to make variations in speed and to make the animation look like continuos loop. How is this version?
enter image description here

I did some random dots look using fading effect. another version.
enter image description here


I think it conveys an active brain but could be a little better I think.

Things I would try out to see how it looks:

  • Making the white dots move quicker and having more of them
  • Add some scaling of the whole brain in a pulsing action
  • Different patterns of animating

Edit after second demo posted:

Much better! It looks a little jumpy though, you might consider doing more of a continuous animation (one that flows into itself to repeat) if it’s going to be looping like it currently seems like it is.

Edit after the third demo posted:

The third one does loop better but it looks a little too formulaic, not quite like the way that we think. I might try changing the speeds of them a bit and perhaps the easing on either side of some to make it appear a little more varied.

Source : Link , Question Author : bharat , Answer Author : Zach Saucier

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