Critique: how to visually differentiate similar looking icons of “Test”, “Save”, “Load” & “Download”

I’m Currently working on a mail template builder project. We’re using a lot of icons and now I need to make some for our menu bar. As you can see they must represent Test, Save, Load, & Download actions. I believe I failed with my first try. Icons looking too similar, too many arrows et cetera.

I’d really appreciate an advice on how I can improve this situation.Thanks

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Test/Preview – Tube / Eye / Checkmark (Solved)

Save/Save Draft – Floppy Disc (Outdated) (?)

Load/Open Draft – Single Circular Arrow / Open Folder / (?)

Download – Same (?)

My main problem is an amount of icons with arrows here. 3 is too much. I want to reduce it to 2 icons.


Just my take….

  • Test = Checkmark
  • Save = What you have already
  • Load = A single circular arrow (yes it may seem like a refresh
    icon, but it’s also often used as a load or reload icon. Given the
    context of the other 3 icons, this would work well.) Another option may be the “loading” star so often seen.
  • Download = What you are currently using as the load icon.

Source : Link , Question Author : noirboi , Answer Author : Scott

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