Critique – Is this font too light and small to read?

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This is 3.5×2 inches business card. The font size of contact details is 6.5 pt currently. Personally I feel it is a bit small (I tested it after printing on a normal A4 paper in its actual size). It looked small to me.

Also, the font is Helvetica Neue Light. I don’t have any Regular or Normal font for this. So I used Light as it felt okay to me.

Most people (3 out of 4) in my office said it’s okay. But doubt arised when I read a few answers on SE which suggested font should be 7, 8 or even 10 pts for better readability.

Given all that, is this font too light and small to read?

PS: Recently I’ve been banned twice from this SE. If this question violates some rule, kindly warn me here again, so I can improve, before you ban me again. There is no intention to break the rules of SE. I have read the guidelines and I feel it is according to them.


6.5pt type is far too small for any business card contact information. ANY card.

Form vs function

It doesn’t matter what font is used, 6.5pt type is simply too small to be read easily and the primary function of a business card is to read the contact information. For people over 40 it’s a matter of physiology. The eyes simply are not as good once you reach a certain age. So, unless you can absolutely guarantee that everyone needing to use the card for reference is under the age of 35 you need to increase the type size.

In my opinion, the minimum type size for any business card should be 9pt, better if it’s 10-11pts.

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