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Was finding a site/forum where I can get some design critique about a logo I am creating for my brand, for the vtubing industry, and found this forum by chance! 😀 I am not a professional graphics designer (self-learnt Photoshop, Procreate etc.) so please pardon me if my language is too layman.

I am trying to create a logo with the type of style similar to Japanese vtubers (cute-sy) and came up with the following (purple background just for contrast, not part of logo):

logo for critique

The colour of the Chinese words (which is basically a direct translation of ‘Ayumu’) and ‘AY’ is based on the hair colour of the vtuber. The ‘UmU’ portion is in black because I am trying to distinguish it from the rest of the words, and make it look like a face, where the ‘U’s are the eyes and the ‘m’ is a frowning mouth. I added the glasses of the character as well as red-pink circles for blushes to try and make it more obvious that the UmU is a face.

I have been working on this logo for the past 6h so my vision/opinion on the logo may be clouded – I am now seeing AY UmU instead of Ayumu.

So my questions are:

  1. Is it obvious that the word is supposed to be “Ayumu”? If not, should I move “AY” and “UmU” closer together, or should I standardise the colour for “Ayumu”?
  2. Is it obvious that the “UmU” is supposed to be a face?
  3. Is the green font too light against the white stroke? Please provide your opinion on both the green Chinese words and the “AY”.
  4. Are the glasses reflection too glaring for the eyes?
  5. Is the overall logo balanced? I have thought about centering the Chinese words and moving them to the bottom of the “Ayumu” word, but because the “AY” is smaller than “U” so there is this empty space above ‘AY’, hence I moved the Chinese words to where it is now.
  6. Does the logo make you think of Japanese logos?

Thanks all in advance 🙂


  1. I think it’s a good start, but looks a little disjointed which makes it hard to read.
  2. Yes, although it makes the logo harder to read.
  3. I think the colors are pretty good, but really depends on how large the image will be. For a large header image, the contrast is alright imo.
  4. I would reduce the glare.
  5. See 1. I’ve made a very rough suggestion below!
  6. Yes, looks like some Japanese plush brand, but my experience is limited.

Very rough, but I would change it into something like this;


Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Sulphr

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