Critique: Tritium website design

In follow up to this question: Critique: Tritium software logo design. For reviewing the website code (performance, bugs, related user experience), please visit the sister question on Code Review.

I am looking for a review of the design for my Tritium website (source code).

enter image description here


  • One goal of the website was to keep it simple. Have I accomplished that?
  • Do the colors in my palette complement each other?

  • Are all of the past critique implemented correctly design-wise? Did I go overboard?

  • Does my font choice work well with the rest of the website’s look and feel?

  • Are there any design concepts I overlooked and haven’t implemented?

I am still somewhat new to website design, so please be as harsh as necessary with this.


Great design! I especially like the atom animation at the right.

I like your colors. As an alternative you could use a dark blue for the background. This gives the page a deepness like the night blue sky:

Screenshot of page with alternative color palette

I used Colorizr.js to play with your color palette. If you would like to fine-tune your colors use the following settings that fit your page:

Colorizr.js settings

The colors are from top to bottom: rgb(25, 33, 44), rgb(14, 191, 14), rgb(212, 212, 212), rgb(26, 40, 60), rgb(26, 40, 60)

Source : Link , Question Author : syb0rg , Answer Author : analog-nico

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