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I am interested in creating something like the following with custom shapes. I am used to creating vector shape layers – but I am not sure how to create this Russian doll concept properly where the dimensions/angles are retained for a pure clean psd.

enter image description here

when I create a custom shape — and start to try and mimic this — the angles change.
enter image description here


I’m posting this answer mostly to demonstrate that Lucian is actually correct here (already gave him a +1)… and partly because I’m dying to try out my new KBD button.

Anyhow – I would just differ a tiny bit from what he said though (in this case). I’m going to start with the path just outside of the bottle first:

Path number 1

  • I used the pen tool (holding the Shift key for the straight sections) and created the path with a 20px stroke and no fill

Once that’s out of the way, this process can be done “manually” but depending on the size and number of strokes you’re going to add this can take and will forever… So why not create an action?

  • Go to Window > Actions and click on the ‘Create New Action’ button at the bottom of the panel, then hit the ‘Record’ button (add function key if you wish):

Actions Panel

  • Go to Object > Path > Offset Path and (clearing the field) enter 39px:

One path, offset

This offsets the path outward by 40-1px (so that the gaps are slightly narrower than the strokes) and duplicates it in one step…

  • Click ‘Stop’ in the Actions Panel.

Sit back in your easy chair and hit the ‘Play’ button (in this case) 13 times to repeat the process:

The ease of automation

  • Daring to be different now select the original stroke (the innermost one) and go to Object > Path > Offset Path one last time

  • This time clear the field and enter a negative value of -29, then change the Joins from ‘Miter’ to ‘Round’ and click ‘OK’

  • Press Shift+X to swap your fill and stroke

  • Finally press the A key to activate the Direct Selection Tool, then go to the top of the UI and click on ‘Corners’. Choose ‘Round’ and enter 10 or 12px:

Corner rounding

The end result IMO leaves little doubt that Illustrator was the program and that this was almost certainly the general method used to create the original graphic.


Hope this makes things clearer for you… Cheers

Source : Link , Question Author : The Old County , Answer Author : BANG

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