Cut a stroke into pieces in Inkscape

I have drawn the stroke or border, that is without the fill set, of a star with the star tool. Now I want to cut the star stroke into several pieces. I tried to use the eraser tool but it will add stroke lines rather than only cut the stroke. I have no idea how to do this. Any help much appreciated!


There are several ways to do it.

  1. Select the star shape and click Path > Object to Path

  2. Add nodes by double clicking using the Edit Paths by Nodes Tool, and/or select a node/nodes where you want to cut.

  3. In the tool bar along the top, hit the Break Path at Selected Nodes icon.

  4. Click Path > Break Apart

  5. Select the path you just cut, and move it away from the star.

enter image description here

Another method is to draw an open path over the star, where you want to cut it, then select both star and path, and click Path > Cut Path

enter image description here

Then you can move both parts of the star apart

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Daniel , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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