Data Merge InDesign CC layout problems

If you know about Data Merge, you know most people have trouble with styles or with actual entries. Here, I’m having trouble with the layout itself. The document I’m working on will shift down and to the right when created a Multiple-Entries layout, instead of sticking to the upper-left as expected.

Aside from the placement of the new data merged items, everything displays correctly! Styles are good, info is imported correctly, spacing between objects is correct. Just the whole thing is in the wrong place.

Attached below is a screenshot. Anyone seen this problem or know a solution? It’s happening on two different computers, both with InDesign CC.

Layout Problems with Data Merge, InDesign CC


It is a reported issue associated with custom page sizes and Preview of multiple record layouts.

This problem can be demonstrated quite easily by changing the page dimensions after creating it, and I’d guess that’s what you’ve done. The multiple record preview snaps the multiple blocks to the designated margin position relative to where the edge of the page originally was when it was first set up (the original page dimensions).

Making the page narrower results in the output being placed off the page to the left. Making it wider offsets things to the right. Making it taller shifts things down, and so on.

The solution is to create a fresh document and set your dimensions, margins and columns in the setup, not after the fact. Copy your text block to the fresh document, connect the data file, and go from there.

Note: According to some information in the Adobe InDesign user forum (which I couldn’t reproduce and suspect only applies to CS 5.5 and earlier) don’t preview it. Make, as one user put it, “a leap of faith” and just go ahead and create the merged document without preview.

Source : Link , Question Author : scottperezfox , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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