data visualization over time

I have a decent sized set of data – 500,000 records, each representing an event.

The fields are:

  • date
  • time
  • who did the event
  • what the event was (there will be say 5-10 type of events)
  • where the event was (there will be 20 or so locations for an event)
  • ‘other things’

there are about 500-1000 events per day

My ultimate fantasy would be to have a video pegged at a certain time-scale – it’s just short of 2 years of data, so make the video (for discussion) 2 minutes, each minute is a year, and so on. Each location would be shown as a circle of a certain size that would grow as events ‘happened’ at those locations. An even kinkier version of this fantasy is where each circle is a pie-chart and the pie-segments grow/shrink based on the type of event at each location.

Are there some ready-made tools, or open source libraries for python, or a web site that anyone would recommend?

Is this the kind of thing you hire someone at some large rate to do for you?


There are two JavaScript libraries that you might find helpful for pulling something like this off:

Otherwise, there are many, many charting libraries that you could adapt, some Flash, some PHP, some jQuery. Digg used to do some really cool visualizations in Digg labs, but unfortunately, all that remains now after their redesign is this video.

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