Deep Linking on Illustrator

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Any news about changes on “Deeplinking” on Illustrator ? Mine is still not assuming in an automatic manner.
a) You have to open the .ai file that contain the PSD link to update that psd and save that .ai file
b) only then the linked .ai will update the changes in the other .ai file.

Any update on that ?

Ideally I would like to have a folder to contain the linked psd’s and also final products that combine vector and those psd’s. That way I would have to update changes only on those arts of that folder to be assumed on all plans for production…

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I’ve just updated my Adobe CC applications and have tested this for you. If you have Adobe CC, you can quickly confirm this yourself.

Currently installed

  • Photoshop v 21.2.3
  • Illustrator v 24.3
  • InDesign v 15.1.2


Illustrator doesn’t support the kind of deep linking you want.

  • Place image.psd in
  • Close
  • Place in
  • Close
  • Change image.psd and save it.

If I open there is no warning whatsoever that has changed.

If I open the image automatically updates, but the document doesn’t get a * after the filename and can’t be saved until I make some sort of change and undo it. Seems like a bug.


InDesign partly supports deep linking.

  • Place image.psd in documentA.indd.
  • Close documentA.indd.
  • Place documentA.indd in documentB.indd.
  • Close documentB.indd.
  • Change image.psd and save it.

If I open documentB.indd there is a warning that documentA.indd has changed and the menu item can be unfolded to see exactly which placed file has changed.

It isn’t possible to update the link (which is indicated by that warning sign with feet) without opening documentA.indd and saving it though (which is why is say that deeplinking is only partly supported).

If I open documentA.indd it isn’t automatically updated, but I’m prompted that a placed file has changed. Unlike in Illustrator, if I choose to update the changed image the document has changed and can be saved.

Source : Link , Question Author : Luis Monteiro , Answer Author : Wolff

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