Define different styles for typography with SketchApp

How can I define styles for typography with SketchApp?
For example, I have a H4 with these variants:

  • Normal
  • Bold
  • Colorful

I defined as:


It seems very unorganized and helps the developer to define the style in the CSS.

I can’t assign different styles to an element with SketchApp as HTML.
I would avoid assigning individual styles for each element and create a Styleguide instead.
How can I fix it?


You can try to organize your styles in “folders” or groups. If you name a style “h4/BodyBold/color” and another “h4/BodyBold/Default”, they will behave as nested folders, making it much easier to select and understand:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Roback , Answer Author : spiral

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