Deform image along path

I’ve got an image I’d like to use as the border on a DVD label, which I’m creating in InDesign. The effect would be like the “Type on a path”, but with an image instead – preferrably repeated until it comes to the end of the path (or full circle, in this case). How can this be achieved? I tried doing a “Polar coordinates” transform in Photoshop, but that didn’t look very good.


Using the Ellipse tool, draw your circle.

Click on your image with the black arrow. Copy.

Click and hold on the Type tool. In the flyout, select Type on a path.

Click on the circle.

Paste. Your image should appear on the circle as an inline graphic.

Keep pasting until you get all the way around.

Source : Link , Question Author : carlpett , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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