delay playing animated gif in PowerPoint

I have an animated gif that plays once (no loop). In PowerPoint, I want it to play when it appears on the slide, on a click. Right now, it seems to play before it appears. Is there a way to delay playing it until it appears?


I realize that this answer is coming long after the question was asked, but hopefully, it will help somebody someday…

What you can simply do is duplicate the original slide, and place your animated gif ONLY in the second slide. The second slide will appear on a click (anywhere), and the gif will automatically begin playing as that second slide is loaded. Although the slide is duplicated, it appears to the audience as a single slide.

If you want the image of the gif to be continuously displayed prior to the animation, a la the Bart Simpson in the previous example, then you can insert a still image in the first slide in the same place as the animation will appear.

Note that you might have to make other small modifications. For example, if you have some objects which you want to appear as if they are on the same slide as the animated gif, and which themselves are animated, for example, to fade in, prior to the gif being animated, you need to remove the animation from these objects on the duplicated slide, so that they do not fade in for a second time.

Source : Link , Question Author : itsmikem , Answer Author : Invariant Change

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