delete half transparent pixels in image

I need to convert a 16bit png into an 8bit png for size reduction.
Problem are the half transparent pixels that will generate a white border around my content when converting to 8bit.
I just want to delete all pixels that are somewhere between 0 and 100% visible.
How would I do it?

Tools available are Photoshop and Gimp (both newest versions).

Here is an example image:

enter image description here


  • In the Layers panel, Ctrl+click (or, if on mac Cmd+click) the layer thumbnail to turn its transparency into a selection.
  • Use Select > Edit in Quick Mask Mode to enter Quick Mask Mode.
  • Use Image > Adjustments > Threshold and set the Threshold to 255, to remove all transparent pixels.
  • Push Ctrl+i (or if on mac Cmd + i) to inverse the mask.
  • Exit Quick Mask Mode with Select > Edit in Quick Mask Mode.
  • Make sure the layer is selected and press Delete to remove the transparent pixels.

This could be turned into an action.

Source : Link , Question Author : steros , Answer Author : Wolff

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