Delete photos older than x days in iOS

In order to free up storage on my iPhone, I want to delete some of my older photos. Instead of deleting each one manually, is there a way to delete photos older than x days, or even delete all the photos from 2017?


Sure – if you don’t need to make backups or transfer, install the Shortcuts app (used to be called Workflow) before Apple bought the company and renamed / shipped / enhanced the automation app for iOS.

You need two items – select photos and delete photos

For select, you can choose photos before a date. If you’re not sure, you can limit it to 5 photos so you can validate it’s getting the ones you want to delete.

Just be sure you know if your iCloud photo library is tied to the iPhone since deleting a photo will then cascade and delete in the cloud as well.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mark McDonagh , Answer Author : bmike

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