Delete textarea previously inserted in a shape

I wanted to create text that follows a path in illustrator. I thought this would be achieved by selecting the text tool and clicking on the circle (see picture). However, this created a textarea and these two little squares that looks like an anchor point appeared, as shown.

enter image description here

I think these show that is a textarea and are used to insert text ragged left or right (am I wrong?)
However, how do I delete the textarea to turn it back into a simple shape? Thank you!


I would just hit A then ALT+click the shape, copy to clipboard, delete the shape and paste in place via Ctrl+F. This would basicly remove the initial shape and replace it with a clean one in the same place.

Probably best to do this in Outline mode, that’s via Ctrl+Y.

Source : Link , Question Author : sterling770 , Answer Author : Lucian

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