Delete videos on OS X

I have videos taken with Photo on my iPhone

How do I delete them on OS X

I followed this question Deleting photos

Imported to, highlight them all and chose delete. I then get a prompt saying they will be deleted from all my devices and confirmed. They are deleted from my Mac but they come back every time I attach my iPhone again i.e. they are not deleted from the device even though OS X says they should be.


Relevant section from the manual:

Summary: you can delete photos/videos through Photos/iCloud (, but they are not removed immediately. They are moved into a Recently Deleted album (like the Trash on your Mac) and deleted automatically later. (They are kept for 40 days so it tales a long time for them to disappear)

Note in this is not a normal album but accessible by File->Show Recently Deleted.

You can open the Recently Deleted album and delete the videos/photos from there to remove them from the device permanently. Make sure that you have a backup, because you can not undo this operation.

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