Design considerations for creating packaging for foreign markets [closed]

I live in Iran and I had an order to design a brand logo and package for an Iranian product. It will be exported and sold in the USA.

I’ve done many sketches but I’m not sure about my final design. I am doubting my design, specifically if it will be good enough to capture people’s attention on a retail shelf.

My Question is:

What are some things I can do to better understand the design space in a foreign country to feel more confident my designs will be equal or better than ones created by native designers?


Identify your brand

To start off you need to take your product and decide what are the core parts of it.

Is the logo key?

Do you need to have certain colors and images to be recognizable?

What do you need to familiarize your audience with the value and application of your product?

What functions must the packaging serve?

Decide if you need to transliterate your brand mark

Write or print (a letter or word) using the closest corresponding letters of a different alphabet or language

Can you use the same logo but with a transliterated brand name?

This step can be answered by figuring out your brand above. The core aspect of a good transliterated brand is a fluid translation of the sounds of your language to match script of another. This allows the consumer to reconstruct the original sound of the unknown transliterated word.

You also need to have a solid brand mark in place before you can completely change things up. A good example is how Coke-a-Cola made new designs for Beijing’s Olympics in various languages.

Coke-a-Cola Branding

Establish a clear hierarchy

Make your packaging simple and clean. Avoid putting ALL the information onto the package. Determine what is most important and have that front and center on your packaging.

While you want minimal visual clutter, make sure you have all the legalese (symbols, icons, etc.) that is required for the region you are selling in. For products with extensive instructions Japanese products make use of QR codes quite frequently to convey user manuals in place of package inserts.

Know your market, Mimic other brands and Cultural sensitivity

Look at what other brands are doing.

enter image description here

Sadly plain old design knowledge can only get you so far. You need market research and regional knowledge of customs and religious no-nos to really help you succeed.

Use native language speakers to translate and proof text. Know what colors are best for each region and stay away from those that have negative connotations. Differences in idiomatic expressions, slang and pop culture can be significant.

In the end

There’s no right or wrong way to start designing packaging for other regions. What is important is you keep the goal of effective communication through your product in mind. If you are able to engage with your target audience you will have greater success in selling more products.

The the best advice is to keep it simple. Creatively design your product so you have minimal clutter, maintain your cultural awareness and connect your product with you market audience.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nima Ashoori , Answer Author : Community

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