Design Critique poster

Here is my attempt. Extremely preliminary, I understand this would require several iterations.

My Poster

But any sort of constructive criticism would be helpful.

Question 1 : Are there way too many elements? I tried to show the two different rooms and two different places

Question 2 : I am new to this and hence have more or less zero idea on grids? Is it visually appealing?

Question 3 : Does it look suitable to be released on social media.


First of all it is really good!
But I’ll admit it took me awhile to understand what the poster is trying to tell me.

  1. It is not immediately obvious that the man and woman are in different countries. I suggest showing them outdoors, with the picture that was on the wall as their backgrounds, respectively. The various elements in the room are distracting. It is difficult to notice the important objects, the gift, calendar and phone), among all the accessories, and deduce the proper conclusion.

    Showing them outdoors will eliminate the redundant objects, and the different national background will be immediately noticeable, instead of being just another object in the room.

  2. The gift is lost in the background. Try making it a different, more outstanding color. Check what color is used the most in the background and try using it’s opposite on the color wheel. Since you already used opposites on the room colors, (blue and orange) It is a tough call to make right now. Alternatively, since your poster is using a pastel palette for the most part, you can use darker, more dramatic color for the gift (such as the red in the “Delivered” ribbon).

    I feel that if it where a more solid color, without the pattern, it would stand out even more.

  3. I’m not sure the calendar is necessary or not, but if you do decide to keep it I think hanging it midair, in the outdoors, is perfectly fine even if it doesn’t make much sense logically. Try making it and the gift bigger.

Of course this is all my personal opinion, but I think it is hard to see something objectively after working so hard on all the little details. Good luck!

Source : Link , Question Author : anje , Answer Author : MJH

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