Designing a long web page questionnaire

Wondering how one would go about designing a long questionnaire with 700+ questions

The questions should have an input text field next to them or sometimes a Yes/No checkbox, and can be mandated/deleted.

Would you go about grouping them by certain criteria, or is it best to lay them out one by one?

Can anyone present some good examples I can relate to?

P.S. This is an example of what I’m building right now – not quite mad about it: (Example I'm building right now - not quite mad about it)



You need to split the questions up and you shouldn’t have them on one single page. I would review the hierarchy in which the questions need to be answered and see if some of the questions can be placed in a trigger so if someone says YES to a question it will expand the other set.

Look into a multipage form to prevent annoyance by the person filling it out. If this is to be for a website and you’re going to go the route with a multipage form I would also implement a completion bar so it will communicate back to the person filling it out they’re almost finished.

On another note 700+ questions sounds terrible and it will be a site issue and you may need to look into cacheing what they are doing in case they may have a site connection issue, hosting issue or server issue. For that many questions I would look into designing a PDF and use a JavaScript trigger that will send the data back or create a simple website page that will allow the PDF to be uploaded and you could script on the server side a PDF validation.. All of which is beyond a design question and I would suggest referencing StackOverflow or serverfault for solutions.

Another perspective to look at the whole process is you need to have disclosed what is required and what is optional. I cant imagine what questionnaire would require 700+ questions. If they all aren’t required I would minify the questions and allow a second option of the download if they really want to fill out 700+.

After image edit:

Everything looks like it is crammed together. 5 & 9 look like they could be the same question in Property Location / Contact. You need less columns and better implementation with more space. Too many things going so look into adjusting all the checkboxes. If someone was to start filling it out, based on the space you have there, there is no way to tell if the input field they are filling out is directed to the text above or below the field.

Source : Link , Question Author : Denis Borisov , Answer Author : DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ

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