Designing “and”, “or” Icons

I am trying to come up with a good design for a pair of icons that will be placed above a list of tags which filter a list of items.

Basically the tags that are ticked can search using “and” or using “or” so you can find all items that have “tagA OR tagB” or you can search for all items with “tagA AND tagB”.

              [] []        <------ Icons
|---------|  |----------|
|Items:   |  |Tags:     |
| - Item1 |  | [] TagA  |
| - Item2 |  | [] TagB  |
| - Item3 |  | [] TagC  |
| - Item4 |  |----------|
| - Item5 |

I have a few ideas of how to represent this but nothing that I am happy with.

I have a 16×16 area to fit each icon into.

So if anyone has any ideas on a pair icons that would work to convey this idea then I’d be very happy to hear them.


For “and” you could obviously use & or + — these would be the most intuitive.

For “or” something which indicates a “split” might work….
enter image description here
Just need to be careful it doesn’t look like “less than”

Source : Link , Question Author : Zepha , Answer Author : Scott

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