Designing for a 6in x 9in book

I am putting a text heavy book together, 6in x 9in paper size. (Perhaps related are this and this link.)

Now I look for good font pairings (nice examples are here) and margin settings and line spacing that works well. My current settings are 0.8in top/bottom margin, and then 0.8in inner and 1in outer margin; line spacing 1.3.

What are recommended approaches here, how can I set up visually pleasing pages?

EDIT: I would like to have a clean and simple feel to the book, while the text is readable comfortably. Almost leaning towards sans fonts although I’m not too sure if that makes for good reading comfort.

EDIT: After posting this question and receiving heaps of good comments, I started reading the book “Elements of Typographic Style” which gives answers to pretty much any question this thread raised, directly or indirectly. I’ll post whatever typefaces and page settings I chose later…


Things to consider:

Larger inner margin not outer. A larger inner margin helps prevent text from being crammed into the gutter of the spine. If you don’t leave ample margin for the inner side you may find it gets difficult to read text near the gutter with every additional page.

Creep. Creep happens when books are bound. Each signature needs to be slightly wider than the previous signature so that when they fold and overlap the text remains in the same relative position while reading. Basically, inside pages are smaller than outside pages so text has to slowly “creep” to the outside the thinker a book gets. This is primarily a factor when perfect binding but creep can be a factor in some other bindery methods as well. To calculate creep you really need to determine the stock the book will be printed on. Any print vendor can generally provide you with a value to use for creep if they know the thickness of the stock to be used. If you “Google” how to calculate creep (if you are printing yourself), you’ll get some general information. If your book is less than 12-14 pages then creep really isn’t a factor.

Personal preference is to use a larger bottom margin as well. Visually things tend to drop or sink on a page. By using a larger bottom margin you help the perception that all things are well-placed on a page.

As for line spacing, that really is dependent upon the typeface to be used. 1.3 may be fine for some, woefully lacking for others, and way too much for others still.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jens , Answer Author : Scott

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