Designing printed items with a hairline border

I came across these business cards on a blog, what i cant work out is how did they manage to print the cards with such a fine hairline white board close to the edge.

Normaly when you’d print something like this you’d spec a bleed and the idea of that is that the bleed will get cut off, but because they are cut on mass the cut mark can differ up to a couple of a mill from card to card.

How did they manage to do this while leaving such a fine, and also even border all around the card ?

I could image doing this were you’d spec a white border to the bleed and it would come back with the white on only 2 sides out of the 4..

business card with hairline boarder


Well this sort results can be achieved through Die Cutting.

How we do DieCutting

The cut is made using a special die shaped as the design. The die has sharp metal strips placed into a CNC cut block. The printed sheet is pressed onto the die using a high pressure roller which punches out the desired shape. This works alot like a “cookie cutter”.

for more details you may check this link

Source : Link , Question Author : sam , Answer Author : Fahad Ur Rehman

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