Desktop/iPad/iPhone PSD frames for screenshots workflow?

In the past, I’ve googled iPhone user interface elements and downloaded the PSD.
2. I deleted all layers except the frame
3. I took screenshots of my various web projects
4. Change dimensions and inserted various screenshots from other emulators or iPhone to show up in portfolio.

Maybe this is the “right way”, although it is time-consuming and the pain the butt. It’s not a problem, for it is easy enough to do just tedious. Has anyone found a simple workflow for this process? I feel like there’s probably some tool out there that asked for screenshots and automatically exports PNG’s for portfolios. Maybe I’m wrong.

Any tools or workflow recommendations?


I found this post from very helpful. some of the mockups even have a duplicated smart object right in the first layer. All you have to do is replace the content in that smart object and you’re good to go.

Source : Link , Question Author : Charles , Answer Author : Julian Baughman

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