Develop a tool for inserting text/image in a photoshop file

I’m trying to develop a simple tool for translators who don’t have Photoshop but I can’t find any library that supports layers.

I need to open the PSD file, translate the text layer and save it as it was. Unfortunately, there is no layer support for the available libraries. So I’m asking for a workaround.

Let’s say I get an image from our graphics team that’s just a layered background. The translator opens this image with my tool and it renders the text over the image and then save the rendered text as a separate image. I would like to automate the loading process for our graphics team.

Is there an easy way to script (or automate somehow) the following?:

  • open the multi-layer image with e.g. button background (without text)
  • look for a file (in the same directory) with a certain prefix (like button_en.psd)
  • open this prefixed file (with the translated text) and put it over the background image as a top layer

Thanks for the tips


You are essentially looking to do what is called a Data Merge. Photoshop has this facility: see for instance ( )

Source : Link , Question Author : TLama , Answer Author : horatio

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