Difference between “Bamboo Pen & Touch” and “Intuos4”

I’we been trying to compare the two tablets mentioned in the title.
So far, my results are:

  • Intuos4 is professional wheras Bamboo is for home use.
  • Intuos4 has 2048 levels of pressure while Bamboo has 1024
  • Lines of resolution in considerable more in Intuos4 (5080) than Bamboo (2540).
  • Intuos4 has a bunch of keys to speed up your workflow.
  • Intous4 has pen tilt sensor which Bamboo hasn’t.

Now, I’m not a professional artist and won’t be using this all the time. But I do plan to use some of my drawings for commercial purposes. I’m fairly sure I don’t need the extra levels of pressure and line resolution and all the shortcut buttons (which I’m sure I’d highly appreciate if I’d be working with this all day long!). I’ll be using it primarily with Illustrator.

So, the question: Is there anything I’m missing from the comparison ?


I use an Intuos 4 (all day all the time) with both Photoshop and Illustrator. Having the additional resolution and layers of use is worth it to me, particularly with Photoshop. I’ve found that I prefer using the keyboard shortcuts instead of the shortcut buttons on the tablet, so if I didn’t have shortcut buttons I probably wouldn’t miss them.

One thing I really do like having is the multi-wheel; being able to zoom in / out or change brush size with it really speeds things along.

I’d really advise you to go someplace and actually put your hands on each of the tablets to see which one feels better for you. One other thing I did was to buy the “medium” size (instead of the “small” size) and it made a big difference. I am hoping to upgrade to the large at some point in my life – having that kind of real estate is really, really helpful.

One last thing – it will take time to get used to any tablet, so don’t get frustrated if you’re struggling a little when you first start.

Source : Link , Question Author : olafure , Answer Author : lawndartcatcher

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