Difference of text and polygon results in hole that is smaller than original text

I’m trying to make a single path by taking the difference between a polygon and a text letter, but when I perform the Path > Difference the hole that is made in the polygon is much smaller than the original letter.

I have tried converting the text to a path using Stroke to Path and Object to Path to no avail. I also tried creating an intersection of the text and polygon, but the resulting letter-path was larger than the original letter.

How can I punch a hole in this polygon using the outline of a letter?

Here’s a picture of the result I’m getting now:

enter image description here


I don’t know Inkscape but its usually called Compound Path and this official guide tells me it exists in Inkscape.

Inkscape can Combine paths into a compound path (Ctrl+K) and Break Apart a compound path into separate paths (Shift+Ctrl+K). Try these commands on the above examples. Since an object can only have one fill and stroke, a new compound path gets the style of the first (lowest in z-order) object being combined.

I’d make the letter into an Outline which you say you’ve done. Then with it on top of the shape and both selected would try hitting Ctrl / Cmd+K.

Source : Link , Question Author : Erik Gillespie , Answer Author : Ryan

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