Different color when exporting png in Sketch 2

I have a problem when I’m exporting a .png file in Sketch 2. I have an icon with the background color of #8FBE00 but when I’m exporting it as a .png file the background color is #8EC003. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, I’ve never encountered this problem when working with Sketch before. I’m no Sketch expert so maybe someone can help me.


I’ve made a quick test with 2 exports from Sketch, with and without Color profile.

With Color Profile

When I use the Mac DigitalColor Meter it measures exactly the same colors.

If I use Affinity Photo it’s the same. It assigns a color profile to the png file that does not have it and measures the exact hexadecimal values.

Processing the images with a PNG compressor removing EXIF meta and color profile data does not change any values measured.


  • Sketch always save as sRGB (not gAMA) with the ‘Save for web’ unchecked.
  • If ‘Save for web’ is checked, opening that image in any software will append a color profile. Luckily would be sRGB and it will have the same created colour in Sketch.
  • Opening the png image in Safari will be interpreted as sRGB.

Source : Link , Question Author : Oskar , Answer Author : Snsxn

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