Different sizes/dimensions on export & save as web in Illustrator CS5

I have a file which is 1020px X 200px Artboard/Document dimensions and the drawings coves the whole artboard as follows.


When I “Export” the file as “png” (File>Export) it’s dimensions change to 4250px X 458px as follows.


However when I use “Save for Web & Devices” (File>Save for Web & Devices” and save as “png” it’s dimensions remain the same i.e., 1020px X 100px as follows.

Save As

Any idea why this is happening? Files are saved with similiar options viz. png-24 format, clip to artboard, save as background, interlaced, rgb color profile.


Tick the “Use Artboards” option when exporting if you want image to match artboard sizes. Otherwise, the image exports at it’s given size, not the artboard size.

The vast difference in export sizes could be due to raster effects like the drop shadow.

Also, (based on comments below) a file exported at 300ppi will be much larger in terms of dimensions than a file exported at 72ppi. Since png files don’t store data such as ppi, the file dimensions are adjusted to accomodate a higher resolution.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jawad , Answer Author : Scott

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