Digital design – screen grab large dimensions?

I’m working on some site banners that need updating and I’m having a few issues with dimensions.

My internet screen is set to ‘view actual size’, so it’s not zoomed in and my images/slices are always saved at 72ppi (not that it matters much for online?).

When i screen grab one of the existing banners from the website, with a view to keep the size the same and simply refresh the image to send to the developers, I’ll drag the screen grab into photoshop and draw a slice around it. The dimensions of the slice are 1553px x 330px.

However, the developers have asked for the dimensions to be 786px x 164px, and have apparently had to resize all my previously supplied banners which were 1553 x 330.

Any ideas on why the two dimensions would be so different? I can’t understand how they can have such a gap in size.

Any ideas/suggestions would be very much appreciated!!


It sounds like you’re taking these screenshots from a MacBook with Retina Display.

I struggled with this for a while myself, but I found this great free app called RetinaCapture ( that lets you work around the problem without having to fiddle with the CLI.


Source : Link , Question Author : abi , Answer Author : LT. Noise

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