Dimensions for designing a website

I have three related questions:

  1. When it comes to deciding on the dimensions for responsive web design, who calls the shots at a digital agency? Is it the visual designer, developer, product owner or all of them together? What was your experience with this?

  2. What dimensions do you or other people use nowadays for responsive web design (in terms of the actual artboard width you start with on Sketch)?

  3. Let’s say that you’ll define the breakpoints while working on Sketch and you are using an 8-pt framework, how would you know which artboard sizes you should choose for specific breakpoints?

Any direct and clear answers would be much appreciated.


who calls the shots?

The market. The current technology.

In a specific environment, I guess, the project manager. He/she would decide if it is needed for a low bandwidth project, for only mobile, for a specific super high res project.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dged , Answer Author : Rafael

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