Direct Select Anchor Point and Continue Path

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I’m having a spot of trouble with Illustrator CS6, and I hope you all can help.
I cannot seem to Direct Select an endpoint on a deselected/inactive path, switch to Pen, and then continue the path. All I seem to be able to so is select the point with the Pen tool to continue the path–but, in doing so I lose one of the handles on the point (like it changes to a corner point). What I want to be able to do (like I can do in Fireworks 2003 and CS6) is direct select the point and be able to carry on with the Pen tool as if I was still making the original path. Instead, when I Direct Select the point and switch to the Pen Tool the cursor shows up as Pen* (which means it wants to make a new path). And Pen/ continues the point but deletes one of the handles.

How can I select the point and just have a plain Pen cursor that will continue where I left off with both handles preserved?



You can only continue a path by clicking the end anchor with the Pen Tool.

If you want a handle on the continuation side, then you need to click-drag with the Pen Tool.

Merely selecting the end anchor with the Direct Selection Tool has never had anything to do with continuing the path in Illustrator. I can’t speak to Fireworks, never used it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Andy , Answer Author : Scott

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