Disable each step from being show on screen when using user-defined actions

I have created a few actions to add border and guide marks on images.

Depending on the border required, a different action button is used. Part of these actions are canvas size changes, image flips, etc.

Every time an action gets called, each of these steps (flips, canvas size changes) gets animated on screen. Is it possible to disable these animations and apply all the steps without visual progress from one step to the next?

I hope my description above doesn’t sound convoluted


It sounds to me like you have Step by step selected in the action playback options and maybe Allow tool recording, or perhaps both.

You need to go to the Actions panel and:

  1. Click the menu icon at the top right corner
  2. Uncheck Allow Tool Recording
  3. Go to playback options… ( jump to the second image below this one ↓ ) enter image description here
  4. Select Accelerated, if it’s not selected. enter image description here

With these settings the actions run as fast as they possibly can.

I forgot to mention that if you have recorded an action that uses full step by step animation recorded by Allow tool recording, just disabling this option is not enough. You’d need to remake that part of the action with it disabled.

Source : Link , Question Author : user21447 , Answer Author : Joonas

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