Distortion treatment?

I’ve been seeing this distortion treatment popping up everywhere lately and was curious if anyone knew how or could point to some resources? I’ve tried a google search but can’t find anything relevant. I’ve also tried the flag/wave effects in Illustrator but it looks like a cheap recreation.

enter image description here


On Photoshop: text layer, could be with transparent or white background:


Make a PSD file the same size as the text layer with a B&W gradient (50% gray is static, black and white will be displaced right and left):


For the gradient use guides on the part of the text you want to get the distortion


Back to the text layer, Menu Filter > Distort > Displace, after click on OK, the program will ask the file for the distortion, is the PSD gradient file.

enter image description here

Et voilá!


Source : Link , Question Author : syn , Answer Author : Community

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