Divide a path into equally parts

I’m looking a way or tool to divide a spline or path in equal parts, or, what is the same, equidistant points (anchors).

This is a very common question, but i haven’t found an answer. Also, is pretty simple to do by a script, but there’s none. Is possible that i haven’t searched well, but i’ll be glad if someone knows the solution to this.

Autocad has a command (DIVIDE) to do what i ask:





Hiroyuki Sato has a script called divide that does just this. It works on one segment. In fact its quite hard to do this over many segments without having extra points (the requirement of x segments and original shape is are often mutually exclusive).

You can also do this manually (this would work even over multi segment curves):

  1. first read the length of the path form document info palette (see here). *
  2. then draw a straight line that’s this length divided by the number of spans you need. (alt click when using line tool) *
  3. Copy n times the spans after each other (move one with copy and hit ctrl + d)
  4. make an art bursh out of the segments
  5. apply to curve and expand

Alternatively you can do this with curve dashing.

multi line curve split 3 ways

Image 1: A multi point curve split 3 ways by equal length manually using described method.

* you can also do this without measuring by using the stretch to length option but its not always as accurate.


Mr Sato has some other script that do the same thing on his guithub page. The break dashes script can easily be modified to do this.

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