Dividing a canvas into regions with photoshop?

I’m working on a CD foldup for a friend and it’s a tri-folded 12cm by 36cm sheet printed on both sides. It creates six 12cm by 12cm pages, but I’m not sure how to work on it in photoshop. Should I create two different documents, both 12cm by 36cm, one for each side, or a single 24cm by 36cm to have every page on it?

I currently have the first page as a single 12cm by 12cm document because I didn’t want to run into the other page at all.

Is there any way I can have a large canvas but confine myself to part of it? Something more reliable than just a selection please.


To answer your specific question: You can simply do that with a guide in the middle. And keeping all layers in Folders. But I would strongly recommend to do both sides extra.

You should also add an inside margin since you are going to fold it. Otherwise you’ll fall short on the 2nd fold and everything looks uneven.

Source : Link , Question Author : mowwwalker , Answer Author : KMSTR

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