Do designers use different color palettes for web and print design?

I’m designing a brand for a startup company, (new to freelancing) and I’m trying to make my color choices suitable for printed documents as well as displaying them on web.

Using Illustrator (doc in CMYK mode). When I choose good CMYK colors, the out of web color warning shows up, when I click on it, it corrects it to unsuitable color.

So, how do professional designers deal with this?

Do they provide a different color palette for each of CMYK, RGB and Pantone?
(that will probably look similar but not the same)

Is it better to start with pantone colors and then convert them to RGB (for web) and CMYK (for print)?


Yes, You should create a brand guideline for your startup. Specify a Pantone (which will be easy to get a CMYK value from), RGB and HEX for each color swatch.

Google brand guidelines or identity guide and you will see many examples of how to get started.

Source : Link , Question Author : Abeer Sul , Answer Author : shelena

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