Do formatting (invisible) characters have a name?

In typography, some text editors will offer the option to display “invisible” or “formatting” characters such as these:

enter image description here

(from this page)

Do these have a name?

I mean, of course you could call them “bullet” (the first one) or “tab” symbol (the second one), etc, but I am thinking that they might have a special name for this very particular typographical use.

The only one I could find while searching through Apple’s Character Viewer is “Pilcrow” (the “paragraph break” sign), but its Wikipedia page and an online search didn’t help me in fining the names of the other ones when used as formatting symbols (I’m especially intrigued by the symbol used to represent the Nonbreaking space, which looks like a bullet with a circumflex accent).


Source : Link , Question Author : MicroMachine , Answer Author : Community

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