Do I have the rights to claim all my work and files back?

I worked for a tea shop as a tea barista and on the side have done projects that was not stated in my work contract (ie. packaging labels, menu, product photography). All was well until my access was suddenly revoked from our shared folder a day before I was handed a termination letter without warning. This meant that I have no access to my all my raw files, photos, etc. Do I have the right to ask for these files back and that they stop using any of my work in the store? I never signed any contract releasing rights to my work.


As they stated in another thread:

In a work-for-hire situation (as an employee) you are not seen as an
independent entity and you retain nothing which was create during your

Nevertheless, you can try to negotiate access to digital copies of the work, in order for you to use, but still the ownership remains in favor of your former employer and it depends on them to grant access or not.

Source : Link , Question Author : babyGroot , Answer Author : Mauricio Lazo

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