Do I need to be Creative and Artistic to be a graphic designer?

I don’t like to draw things, and I’m not so creative and artistic.
Can I become a graphic/UI, UX designer?

Your kind suggestions are highly appreciated.



But being creative or artistic does not necessarily mean “ability to draw”.

Creativity is a must-have. A good designer needs to be able to imagine/see information in various constructs, envision color usage, often determine imagery to be used. All this takes creative thinking. While you generally don’t have to be creative enough to come up with earth-shattering new concepts, you do need to have the type of mindset which creatively explores ideas or concepts….. To use an analogy…. think of a movie… the Designer is basically like a movie’s Director. The Director often doesn’t actually write the script where characters are conjured from thin air and the storyline is created from scratch, etc. But the Director does have to be able to envision how the story they are given should look, what camera angles are needed, pacing, etc.

An artistic EYE is also a must-have. A good designer needs to be aware of artistic concepts such as color theory, placement, spacing, size, balance, proximity, etc. A good designer needs a critical aesthetic eye. They need to be able to understand how to make information appear appealing. Much the same way a Photographer never “draws” the artistic eye is used to determine framing, focal distance, lighting, etc. It’s the eye or artistic aesthetic acumen that is imperative.

Being able to draw certainly never hurts. But there are a ton of design jobs which require no direct drawing ability beyond simple rudimentary shapes. Design is often more about the presentation of information and rarely about the creation of that information. The term “designer” in itself is a broad umbrella covering many, many, many different specific job functions. Some do indeed require the ability to come up with unique drawings or rendering of things, but most often it is merely the artist eye that is required.

The biggest requirements for a designer, in my opinion, are good deductive reasoning and problem solving skills. That’s essentially the core of all graphic design – solving problems. You are given copy/information and you need to solve the problem of making it work and look good in a given format. This does take creative problem solving in most instances and an artistic eye to make it look good so readers/user will be compelled to use/read the piece.

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