Do most web designers make their own textures?

I’m a web developer by training who is branching into UI/UX design. One of the things my design work lacks compared to experienced designers is subtle use of texture, such as on these sites:,

Do designers generally make these patterns from scratch, and if so, what is the best way to go about learning how to create them? The only freely available, subtle patterns I’ve seen that are as nice as this this are on I’ve had an equally difficult time finding tutorials on how to make nice patterns from scratch. Any resources you could point me to would be very helpful.


Generally yes, In my experience the designers will create most texture effects like that on their own, if they feel confident they can do it. There are of course alternatives like free image sourcing sites, and paid sites as well like etc.

When I’m designing a website, I tend to make the textures myself to avoid copyright violations on images. If I see a texture I particularly like I’ll always try to recreate it myself before using an already existing image.

Hope that helps somewhat.

Source : Link , Question Author : lk135 , Answer Author : Kyle

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