Does Gimp support custom shapes?

Why doesn’t The Gimp have drawing tools? Weird isn’t it?

Something I’m trying to do today, and not for the first time, is take in a picture and just annotate it with a couple of arrows pointing to particular things I want to highlight.

And, again, I’m surprised to discover that there’s no “arrow-drawing” tool. Or any basic geometric shape tools. The Gimp is the natural place to do what I’m doing (annotate a bitmap), not Inkscape nor LibreOffice Draw. But this functionality is surprisingly NOT THERE (presumably because Gimp is meant to be for painting not vector drawing.)

But this is such an obvious use-case that I’m surprised no-one has ever tried to add these tools.

Do I just not know how to find the right tool, or does The Gimp not support shapes?


As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t native shapes in The Gimp.

There is, however several solutions:

a collection of scripts that create paths, called Shape Paths.

Supported shapes:

  • Squares
  • rectangles, rounded rectangles
  • circles, ellipses, ovals
  • polygons
  • stars
  • flowers
  • gears
  • triangle waves, square waves and sine waves

enter image description here


Another thing you can do is export customized paths (using the Path utility) and import them when you need them. It’s probably better if you use Inkscape for this. You can also use the shapes of PNG files.


A last option is to use dingbat fonts, because you can use them the same way you’d use a shape template 🙂

Source : Link , Question Author : interstar , Answer Author : T.Todua

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