Does it affect print quality if a font in a .psd file is “missing” when received from a designer but you are NOT editing the text layer?

The designer did not supply the font and it is not available to me. I’m aware that if I edit a text layer in Photoshop with a missing font, I risk making the text blurry. However, if I’m NOT editing it, I believe Photoshop preserves the original font, so it should be ok (and will save considerable time looking for fonts on future projects).

I’m placing the .psd into an InDesign file (with other text/elements) and then exporting a printer-ready PDF. InDesign and the printer’s preflight show no errors (they can’t see that fonts are missing in the linked .psd file), but I’m wondering if the type will print any less crisply. I suspect that it won’t appear any differently than fonts that ARE present/linked in the .psd file.

I am not flattening layers (in Photoshop or in exporting the PDF from InDesign, except for transparencies) or rasterizing text or converting text to shapes (in Photoshop). My guess is that if these steps are required for the sharpest printing quality, it would be required for ALL text, not just for the missing font. And perhaps that step isn’t necessary/noticeable to the naked eye on printing.



The missing font will not render properly upon output.

When you output a Photoshop document for printing, the font data is read from the font file and included. Without that font data, you will get a “best guess” low resolution raster interpretation of the font. i.e. poor. Linking to a layered Photoshop document with InDesign is no different than outputting the file from Photoshop directly. InDesign merely reads the data, applies any transformations (done in InDesign) then outputs.

You can merely save the Photoshop file and the raster data will be saved. So, for web formats, it’s fine (presuming you do not edit the type layer).

With this in mind, one way to get around a missing font is to flatten the Photoshop file. By flattening, you reduce the image to its raster preview and eliminate all need for font data.

My point is, if there’s a missing font you will want to flatten the image. Otherwise, your described workflow will result in missing data, making it not suitable for commercial reproduction. if there’s missing data, it will be obvious. The PDF doesn’t show errors because in lieu of actual font data, InDesign has output the raster preview of the type….

Simply flatten and save as a copy, then use that copy for your InDesign layout.
Or, of course, get the font files.

It’s never wise to send anything for commercial reproduction if you know a font is missing anywhere in the application chain. What may be “good enough” on your system is often woefully insufficient for an imagesetter/platemaker.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jasper , Answer Author : Scott

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