Does Krita have a hex color selector? Where do I find it?

I’m doing some webdev stuff, and I’m creating some designs in Krita. Since CSS mostly uses hex values (aside some hard-coded ones), I need to access the color hex values.

The Krita color pickers come with a color wheel and sliders, but nothing for hex values. It should be in the specific color picker, as mentioned in the forums, but it doesn’t seem to show up there either.

How do I use the hex color selector?

Screenshot for reference:

enter image description here


It is in the specific color selector, but it is only available for 8 bit color spaces. To enable it, change the depth to 8 bits instead of 16:

enter image description here

Also note that “Show Colorspace Selector” needs to be checked to access the option.

Source : Link , Question Author : Zoe , Answer Author : Zoe

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