Does Photoshop Elements fully support PSD files from “full” Photoshop?

I’m a web developer and on a regular basis I need to work with .psd files that have been provided by a designer. My needs are low – mostly I just toggle layer visibility and then save as .png, which I further slice and dice with Paint.NET (my tool of choice because I’m more proficient with it).

Now, so far I’ve been using a… borrowed… Photoshop, but I’d like to finally purchase a copy of my own. Unfortunately it’s pretty expensive, so I’m wondering if the cheaper Photoshop Elements can do the trick, too? Will it support all the layer blending effects and other tricks that artists are so fond of using? If I turn off a layer will I still get the same picture as I would in the full Photoshop?


From adobe forums:

…if the file is a CMYK file you won’t work well with that in PSE, and
if the file contains composite layers or layer sets/groups you will
need an add-on to be able to view the folder contents in PSE…

and also

…PSE will let you save as a pdf, but it’s a very basic kind of pdf,
lacking much of the info that a print shop would expect to find in the

So the answer would be – no Adobe Photoshop Elements does not fully support all .psd files created with Adobe Photoshop.

But in your case it might work since you do mostly really basic work with it, but as soon as the designer uses some advanced feature, you might not see it in Elements or have problems working with that layer (and judging by the .psd files I get lately they fancy using all possible combinations of different features).

Source : Link , Question Author : Vilx- , Answer Author : easwee

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