Does the positioning of this text negatively affect readability?

I am trying to position the text in the website header, I ended up with something like this:

The text “Simply and efficiently” has a mixed “software and IT products” inside. I was wondering if it’s a good practice. I like how it looks but then I randomly watched this Youtube video with crappy design: and it made me wonder about the design above because their first example of crappy design is something like this (which is an obviously unreadable text) – I realised how bad such fonts / text mixing can end:

Does this kind of mixing fonts and sizes affect the readability in a negative way always? Woud it be better to leave it like this:


Positioning, size, weight, color and font style are all used to drive the viewers attention, i.e. make them read it in a certain order.

Higher up, bigger, brighter and to the left (in English) are aspects which draw attention and elevate an elements importance and place in the hierarchy.

The first example is not successful in having “software and IT products” be read at the end.

1 because its too bright (1 white element demands primary attention)
and 2 because it comes above the first line.

Appearing above does not always mean its perceived first. If “software and IT products” was in grey it might be noticed after the first line is read.

You’re on the right path and there are many creative solutions for re-ordering type. Try varying the weight between tagline and descriptor.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mateusz Charytoniuk , Answer Author : Webster

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